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Car accident

Trustworthy Vehicle Accident Attorneys

At Gergely Law Offices PC, we have a rich experience representing clients in car accident injury claims, handling negotiations with automobile insurance providers and pursuing personal injury lawsuits.

With over 40 years of experience, we are well-versed with the Michigan No-Fault Act, which is the law that applies to the cases related to automobile accidents in the state of Michigan. This law may also apply to out-of-state auto accident involving Michigan residents.

Our vehicle accident attorneys work hard to recover a fair compensation for the accident victim and take full care of protecting the family of the injured from complex litigation processes.

Effective Representation of Accidental Cases Including:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents - semi-tractor/trailer/18-wheeler accidents
  • Rear-end accidents
  • T-bone accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Pedestrian and biking accidents
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Accidents caused by under-insured and uninsured motorists
  • No-fault insurance claims
  • Aviation accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Multiple vehicle pile-ups

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"Mr. Tim Gergely is first a generous, compassionate person. As a lawyer he has a steadfast approach to resolving his cases. The dignity of his clients as well as those of opposition are preserved by his impeccable work ethic. He is without a doubt one of the finest lawyers in the country and an asset to our judicial system."

 -Mr. & Mrs. P. Rosa. Michigan

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